Total Value Added Packing Solutions

Good packaging gives the first visual impression of a company, brand or product.

Total Value Added Packing Solutions

In tomorrow’s marketplace, packaging will play a vital role as it provides the first visual impression of the company, brand or product.  It's estimated that the average consumer spends less than a second visually scanning shelves and can make a purchasing decision within a split second, sometimes even before touching the product. If you are the product's owner, you want to make sure that within this critical timeframe the consumer will be drawn in and have the desire to pick it up, inspect it, and make a decision to buy. It is an integration of brand identity, product characteristics and consumer psychology that directly affects the consumer’s desire to make a purchase.

Final configuration at the point of consumption will help eliminate waste of packaging materials. More and more companies are using global factories to manufacture generic products, but the final packaging is determined through localized design in the countries in which they are consumed.

MPO Asia provides the “Total Value Added Packing Service” which includes Creative Design, Sourcing, Materials Handling, and Assembling or Co-Packing.  Besides the basic functionality of packaging, there are upcoming trends like simplicity, sustainability and humanization that are shaping the designs we see today. Packaging is no longer a conventional cover of a product. It has merged with the product, reducing the cost as well as appearing simple and stylish. That’s what we are looking for in The Art of Package Design. Whether this is a new product, or a reformulation of an existing one, we can help ensure – in that important fraction of a second – your potential target customers will know your product is there.

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